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Gaerne G React Boots Review

Gaerne currently lists seven different motocross/Off-road types of boots on their main website whereas the Gaerne USA website identifies four featured off-road boots : the SG12, SG10 and React motocross boots as well as the GX-1 multi-purpose boots.

04/02/2014 Gaerne G – React Boots Features: New Uni-pivot ankle system gives great ankle support yet very comfortable to wear for a long period of time Rubber Grip Guard allows the rider to grip the bike as.

The Gaerne G – React Boots are the mid-level off-road boot in Gaerne #s mx lineup that takes features off the pro-level SG12 and works them into an affordable price point that#s not far off the entry-level GX-1.

Core components of the G – React are the same as all Gaerne boots so you#re still looking at a full height, aluminum 4 buckle closure, and the same traditionally stitched sole that.

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27/07/2012 For me, its a case of buying the best I can afford.

If the $83 extra isn’t a big deal for you, spend the extra for a better boot.

If you can’t afford the $83, get the cheaper boot.

The G reacts are a great boot , the SG10s even better and the SG12s are top of the line.

Buy the best you can afford.

04/03/2014 I ride 2013 model Tech 7’s and love them, I bought a pair of react ‘s a month ago and rode in them twice, They were ok boots , I just like the bonded sole of the A-stars compared to the traditional sole of the Gaerne ‘s, I also rode this past weekend for about 10 minutes in my buddies 14 Tech 7’s (all new model) and they were awesome, I will have.

gaerne g react boots review