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G Inp Eci Cabinets

The ECI cabinets can#t do upstream G.

INP or Vectoring though.

The hardware just isn#t capable.


February 13, 2020 at 5:31 pm.

Thanks for the info.

It looks like my FTTC cab is a Huawei (as I had already deduced from it#s styling) and was funded by BDUK (I didn#t know this bit).

, Openreach recently began the roll-out of Physical Retransmission ReTX ( G.

INP ) technology to their ECI based Street Cabinets , which can improve the performance of their 40-80Mbps Fibre-to-the- Cabinet (FTTC / VDSL) lines.

But this has now been partly suspended after problems occurred on some lines.

, This is just a trial for G.

INP and that alone as ECI currently doesn’t support it and would be required for the 3db profile to even be considered, The trial is expected to last until August, when if successful G.

INP should be rolled out to all ECI cabs & lines, I’m sure further monitoring would take place then maybe the 3db profile introduced.

, ECI Cabinets and G.

INP [link to this post] Is there any news on whether ECI cabinets will ever get G.


I’m unfortunately on an ECI cabinet and my speed has decreased over the years from 58 to (now) 36Mbps.

I know with a line attenuation of around 20 I’m not going to get really fast speed with the current FTTC set up.

, Hi Do we know something in the subject?

I can see that people who volunteer to be in this trial from plusnet had resync (early morning) and g.

inp was activated on their lines.

So far nothing happened on my line and just wonder if ee take part in this trial at all.

, Hi All I’ve heard that BT Openreach are enabling G.

INP on ECI FTTC cabinets during the latter part of this year.

Does anyone have any definitive news on this topic?

Is there any way of finding out when my cabinet is likely to have G.

INP enabled, if in fact it is actually happening?

Any thoughts.

g inp eci cabinets