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Fv Destination Crew Pictures

26/03/2017 This is a educational, and historic video I donated to the 6 Lost fishermen’s Families of the “F/V Destination ” fishing boat that went missing Feb 2017.

Song The Trawlerman’s Song, The U.


Coast Guard Marine Board of Investigation released a report and Final Action Memo on the February 2017 sinking of the 98-foot crabber Destination and the deaths of six crew members.

The 138-page Coast Guard report comes to conclusions similar to the National Transportation Safety Board’s accident brief released in July 2018.

The report claims that unsafe stability conditions.

20/07/2017 The Destination and its six crew members were lost February 11, 2017, while fishing for Opilio crab (snow crab) northwest of St.

George, Alaska, #, 16/07/2018 “The whole crew was exhausted,” said Jorge.

“I was beating ice with my crew.

” The F/V Polar Sea pulled into port safely after fishermen spent hours heaving sledgehammers to break ice.

But in an interview weeks later, Jorge said the F/V Destination’s sinking was a wake-up call for the entire fleet of about 70 vessels.

“It’s devastating,” he said.

23/07/2017 Five months after the F/V Destination went missing, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has discovered the wrecked crab boat.

Using sonar, the F/V Destination was found at the bottom of the sea, in close to 250 feet of water.

Using a multibeam echo sounder, a NOAA boat, the F/V Fairweather, found the sunken boat.

Tom and Judy Hamik, parents of Destination crew member Kai Hamik, remember their son after the Coast Guard releases a report Sunday on what caused the crab boat to #, ST.

GEORGE, Alaska – A crew member aboard a missing Seattle-based fishing boat has been identified.

Coast Guard crews in Alaska are searching for the fishing vessel Destination #, Hatfield said when he came off another boat and met the Destination’s crew , “the boys were pretty beat down.

It was a pretty grueling cod season” with 24-hour work shifts.

02/12/2017 Wilson described the Destination as a 110-foot-long crabbing boat he’d owned and operated since 1985.

Wilson said the crew was last seen alive departing from Dutch Harbor on the night of #, Federal research vessels have located the Destination , the Seattle-based crab boat that went missing Feb.

11 along with six crew , on the bottom of the Bering Sea off the coast of Alaska.


fv destination crew pictures