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Fu Nicha Dining Chairs

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, We have designed a variety of chairs in contemporary (faux leather and wood chairs ) and modern (chrome and faux leather chairs ) style.

All of our dining chairs have eco-friendly faux leather, making them easy to clean and ultra comfortable.

The range comprises extremely affordable chairs , starting at 50, and ultra modern design dining chairs , like our popular Z dining chairs , ideal for an.

, 2001-2020 Fu-nicha.

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, D216 Chair.

See this beautiful “Z” design chairs , and imagine them at home.

Simply trendy! Choose between our splendid range of colors and emphasize your dining room! Technical characteristics.

D216 Chairs.

Unusual “Z” shape; Metal structure ; Cover in faux leather ; Available in cream, chocolate, white, red or black ; Dimensions: L42cm x.

, These chairs have been designed to match modern glass and chrome dining tables.

While some of them have simple lines, making them suitable also for kitchens, others feature an elegant and sophisticated design appropriate for dining rooms.

, Glass Dining Set Square Ice Black with 4 T.


99 Glass Dining Table Ice with 4 D212 Chairs set , Our faux leather dining chairs are ideal for a contemporary interior design look; they will perfectly match wood dining tables and glass dining tables.

Choose the faux leather color and the wood legs color, available in oak or wenge.

, Extending Glass Dining Table Maxi + 6 x D212 chairs set; Trevero – Glass Dining Table + 6 x D212 Chairs ; Jet Dining Table and 6 Chair Set FU-NICHA Genuine Brand, i bought 8 chairs and a large glass dining table and a hall glass table from fu-nicha ,after 10 months the hall table ( console table) the glass top came detached from the legs there was no broken glass it was though it was never really been treated properly as it just came unstuck! once it was assembled we never moved it just dusted the top, but when i called them thgey asked for photos to be.

, Model D216.

Four chairs.

Black faux leather.

Cost 200 each.

Good condition.

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