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Flowserve Cv Table

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Flowserve Cv tables.

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See Table 4 on page 10 for packing limitations.

Extended bonnet The extended bonnet protects the packing from excessive heat or cold, which may inhibit valve performance.

The bonnet is constructed of carbon steel for temperatures from -30C to 427C (-20F to 800F) and of 304 or 316 stainless steel for -100C to 816C (-150F to 1500F).

3 Mark 200 Control Valve FCD VLENTB0200 12/12 flowserve.

com ASME DIN Style Globe & angle Globe & angle Sizes 2 inch through 16 inch* DN 50 through DN 400 Pressure Classes ASME 900, 1500, 2500 PN 160 and PN 250 End Connections Flanged, buttweld, RTJ flanged Flanged, according to EN 1092-1:2008 Form B1 Face to Face ISA 75.


06, flanged; ISA 75.


05, buttweld;, Cv Table (Flow Coefficient Table ) This check box is used to print the Flow Coefficient ( Cv ) table.

This table shows the sizes, strokes, trim values, and the Cvs at different percentages of valve opening.

In this table , you can observe that the value of Cv increases with the increased percentage of valve opening.

The rest of the check boxes, as.

Steam Tables.

3A-7 Fluid Property Correlation Constants.

3A-21 Pipe Data.

3A-29 INTRODUCTION Valtek uses a systematic method for selecting body types, sizes, materials, pressure ratings and trim sizes based on flow characteristics.

Valtek control valve flow capacity ( C v #, The valve sizing coefficient most commonly used as a measure of the capacity of the body and trim of a control valve is C v.

One C v is defined as one U.


gallon per minute of 60 degree Fahrenheit water that flows through a valve with a one psi pressure drop.

The general Equation for C v is as follows:.

figure 3-1 Pressure Profile of Fluid Passing Through a Valve, Flowserve Corporation, Valtek Control Products, Tel.

USA 801 489 8611 S O Body Assembly The Mark One valve is typically double top-stem guided and completely avoids contact between the plug.

and seat retainer.

Many globe valve maintenance problems can be traced to cage-guiding.

The close metal-to-metal contact between the cage and plug often.

flowserve cv table