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Flat Roof Rack For Isuzu Mux

This Vortex Quick Mount RLT600 roof rack system is fixed to your roof using a vehicle specific track.

It is the legs that make the RLT600 stand out; a# $ 925.

00 $ 910.

00, The Oval Alloy and Oval Steel roof racks a.

re manufactured for the Isuzu MU-X.

The Oval Alloy rack uses our reinforced tubing for reduced weight and the durability of alloy.

Oval Steel roof racks provide extra strength for heavy loads or 44 outback touring.

Roof racks and accessories available at hundreds of stores across Australia.

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Roof Racks for your Isuzu MU-X.

Isuzu – MU-X 2020; Isuzu – MU-X 2019; Isuzu – MU-X 2018; Isuzu – MU-X 2017; Isuzu – MU-X 2016; Isuzu – MU-X 2015; Isuzu – MU-X 2014; Isuzu – MU-X 2013.

20/12/2018 ROOF RACKS – the GREAT, the ORDINARY and the AWFUL.

How to select the right one – Duration: 21:07.

4xoverland 217,159 views, One genuine ROH steel wheel 17″ x 8″ ET33.

This wheel was purchased new to make a second spare for my Isuzu MUX for a big outback trip.

It was fitted with a new tyre and carried on the roof rack for one month during the trip.

All the wheels on the car have now #, 04/06/2018 Isuzu MU-X comes in to have a new roof rack.

All Australia made roof rack and awning fitted.

This video shows how complex it is to find the roof rack mounting holes and have the roof rack.

Flat Roof Racks ; Aluminium Roof Rack for Isuzu MU-X 2013-2020 Full Length Alloy Flat MUX ; Click To Watch Video.

Aluminium Roof Rack for Isuzu MU-X 2013-2020 Full Length Alloy Flat MUX Premium Roof Rack.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Share: $649.

00 RRP $999.

00 SAVE $350.

00 (35%) Sold Out – Backorder Available.

flat roof rack for isuzu mux