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Fg Boots On 3g Pitch

26/01/2018 3G pitches are everywhere nowadays, meaning any football or rugby fanatic is likely to find themselves on one during a casual kick about, training session, or competitive match.

However, there are certain types of boots that should never be worn on this surface.

Example 3G / Artificial grass football boots : Budget: 22 at Pro-Direct Mid-Range: 39 at Pro-Direct Oil Tycoon: 150 at Pro-Direct.

Astroturf Boots # Great for 2G, 3G and more.

2G pitches are generally either sand based, or more like a strange carpet.

Also, which other kinds of boots can be used on AG pitches ?



Lily Francis says: 16th April 2020 at 4:52 pm.

So i only have FG boots but we train on 3g , should i keep my FG for games and get a pair of AG or use the same pair for both.

(They have blades) Reply.

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Our range of Artificial Grass (AG) Football boots are perfect for the latest generation of synthetic surfaces such as 3G and 5-a-side pitches.

Designed to give you the perfect grip even when the pitch is slick with water, meaning you can play the game with confidence and composure.

AG boots on wet FG grass pitches ?



Posted by 8 months ago.


AG boots on wet FG grass pitches ?

Does anyone have experience using AG boots in these conditions?

I train on a 3G pitch but play matches in England where pitches are muddy most of the time.

I plan to have a pair of SGs and a pair of AGs for the season.

Image from adidas.

We#re going to kick things off with adidas and their Predator 19.

3 AG boot.

David Beckham made this series of boots a household name in his playing days and this version has been adapted for 4G pitches that certainly weren#t around when Becks was

fg boots on 3g pitch