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15/04/2020 For Tifa#s dresses , you#ll need to do a few things during Chapter 3.

First, make sure you complete all the side quests.

Once you#ve done that, a Discovery Event will pop up that takes Cloud.

17/04/2020 The options are a frilly light pink summer dress , a pink flowy halter dress , and a deep red gown with ruffles.

These are the side quests needed to unlock Aerith’s dresses : Light pink dress : 0-2.

Tifa Dresses Chapter 3 Do all side quests and trigger the discovery quest where she asks you what dress she should wear.

Mature – Default dress (You can also skip the side quests for this dress ) Sporty – Martial arts Chun Li Dress Exotic – The last dress Finish chapter 3 by talking to Jessie for the Bike mini game then use Chapter Select and.

11/05/2020 Aerith’s Dress.

It might seem like Aerith’s dresses are determined by your actions in Chapter 9–specifically, the answers you give during your visit to #, Learn how to get all 3 of Aerith’s dress options (clothes, outfits) in Final Fantasy 7 Remake ( FF7R , FF7 Remake).

Guide includes tips on how to get all the costumes.

28/04/2020 Andrea gives Cloud a white and black dress when you unlock “The Price of Thievery” and “Shears’ Counterattack” side-quests.

If you take the right actions in Chapter 9, you’ll switch “The Party.

The dresses will be worn as part of the narrative at the end of Chapter 9, when Cloud and Aerith infiltrate Don Corneo#s mansion to rescue Tifa.

The entire ordeal is a bit of a humorous occasion.

10/04/2020 While playing Final Fantasy VII Remake, you have the option to obtain three different dresses for Aerith, Tifa, and Cloud.

The choices come up #, 09/04/2020 The Dresses are semi-missable and depend on the choices you make from Chapter 3 to Chapter 9.

Tifa#s Dresses are based on Chapter 3 choices, Aerith#s on Chapter 8, and Cloud#s on Chapter 9.

The guide below shows how to get every dress in Final Fantasy VII Remake and then goes through the best method to get them all quickly.

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