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Ff Jewelry Hallmark

Hallmark (s): “Faberg” Information: The House of Faberg was a jewelry firm founded in 1842 by Gustav Faberg, in St.

Petersberg, Imperial Russia.

His son, Peter Carl Faberg, is known for his extremely ornate, Faberg Eggs that he presented to the Russian Tsars.

Rating: FF hallmark by: Linda I have a lovely 18 kt rose gold bracelet comprised of woven fine wire.

The entire hallmark is FF 20 VR 750.

I suppose that in this instance it could stand for “Fine Filagree” as the fine gold wire makes a delicate woven pattern.

I have a ring with the marks FF and then 14K.

by james a knuth (new london wi) Do you know what they may be the maker or designer’s initials.

They are not the owners initials.

I asked before coming here.

American Silver Makers’ Marks found on Sterling Silver and Coin Silver – 925-1000.

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Native American silversmiths and other jewelry artists use hallmarks to sign their work.

A hallmark is signature stamp embedded in the metal of a piece of jewelry or metal art.

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It can be difficult to identify an artist by their mark because.

This a directory of Native American jewelry hallmarks.

The list has been arranged in.

FF maker’s marks of an illustrated directory listing 3000 hallmarks of England, Scotland, Ireland, Channel Islands and Colonial silver (Canada, India, Cape, Australia), maker marks, town marks, date letter, duty marks.

A selection of 18th, 19th, and 20th century British silvermiths illustrated with their marks and biographical information: hallmarks identification of Collingwood & Co, William.

Know that jewelry marked #14K# is 53.

8 percent pure gold, or 14 parts pure gold out of 24.

Look for other marks that indicate 14K jewelry , such as #585# and #14KP.

Determine whether jewelry is 10-karat gold by looking for a #10K# mark, which indicates jewelry is #, Jonette Jewelry Company, or JJ, was a Providence, Rhode Island company in business from 1935 through 2006.

The name of the company wasn’t always the same.

Originally, the company, started by Abraham Lisker, was called The Providence Jewelry Company.

Over the years, the company’s name was changed to Lisker & Lisker, 925-1000.

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ff jewelry hallmark