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Farmall H Belt Pulley Seal Replacement

20/01/2018 Next seal that needs replacement is the oil seal for the belt pulley.

Tractor is a 1940- H.

I have the service manual, but when I see shims listed in the parts list.

Followed by the instructions, procedure for disassembly and reassembly is apparent after studying Fig.

IH477, well.

I don’t trust them.

Farmall & IHC Tractors Discussion Board: H Belt pulley seal replacement [ Expand] [ View Replies] [ Add a Reply] [ Return to Forum] Posted by Rock2000 on August 06, 2006 at #, Re: H Belt pulley seal replacement in reply to Nebraska Kirk, 08-07-2006 18:43:42 Haha, nothin’ to it.

Yeah, I had to use some force with the rubber mallet to get the shaft to slide out to where the first bearing was out of the housing.

Farmall H Belt Pulley Seal found in: Oil Seal , Belt Pulley Block Off Plate, Ball Bearing, #- Fits: Fits following as a belt pulley gearbox seal : I4, I6, ID6, Fits following gas/lp as a front crankshaft seal #, 01/07/2008 They dont make 351276R91 Seal Seal , Belt Pulley Drive Shaft Oil, Units A, B, D and E anymore.

Page 66 Part 44 They have 351275R21 Retainer Retainer W/Oil Seal , 351276R91 Belt Pulley Drive Shaft, Units A, B, D and E Page 66 Part 43 ($116.


Does anyone know of a replacement seal for this item?

Thanks in advance.

Mark, 01/09/2009 If Your tractor has the belt pulley gearbox there’s about a half a quart of old oil in there too.

The top input shaft seal on My Super H was already leaking in about 1970 (16 yrs) and took Me another 30 yrs to get around to replacing it.

It actually was a leather Chicago Rawhide seal on the input coupling.

farmall h belt pulley seal replacement