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Alt de Facto.


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Parts and Accessories.

The ultimate boutique guitar for the player who demands unsurpassed quality and playability.

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We here at Fano Guitars are a small team of musicians and #, Fano Guitars – Our Team – FANO GUITARS, The Fano Standard Series We took our most popular Alt-de-Facto guitars, with their most #, Alt de Facto guitars are the pinnacle of perfection.

Hand-built by one of our builders, each model is made to your specifications with your choice of pickups, color, wood, hardware and finish style.

No two are the same.

Fano Alt de Facto instruments are only available through Authorized Fano Dealers.

Click the link below to find a dealer near you.

, Each Fano guitar has its own unique cosmetic treatment, so no two are the same.

Warranty Desert Son Musical Instruments, LLC (DSMI) warrants this Fano brand instrument to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for as long as it is owned by the original retail purchaser, except for the following, which are warranted for a period of.

, Fano Alt de Facto RB6 Price: $2,495 Info: fanoguitars.

com In recent years, a trend in the guitar realm has been to re-create the magic of vintage-style instruments.

This has ranged from player-modd#, Fano Guitars Questions, Comments.

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Fano Standards Builder’s Choice Alt de Facto Parts & Accessories, Browse our collection of Fano boutique electric guitars : Alt de Facto , GL6, ML6, RB6 , TC6, JM6.

Buy online, financing available.

, Fano RB6 Green 2012.

1 available from $.


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Fano Standard JM6 W/ Upgrades! Free Shipping.



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Fano Guitars Alt de Facto GF6 Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar TV Blue Medium Distress (SN:FB1706005) Free Shipping.


Brand New.

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Fano Alt De Facto ML6 Lake Placid Blue – Made in.

, The Fano Standard Series We took our most popular Alt – de – Facto guitars , with their most requested features, and created a very special series of affordable instruments.

Fano Standards feature an USA built, nitrocellulose lacquer neck and body, available in 8 beautiful classic colors with # Fano # designed pickups and hardware.

, FANO Alt de Facto RB6 2017 Ocean Turquoise Relic Near-Mint 3.

0kg “Custom Order Series” # Fano Guitars # ANTIQUE

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