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Factorio Bots Vs Belts

Bots vs.

belts is a controversial subject, even in our team, but most of us believe bots are too powerful.

So we did small nerfs from time to time in an effort to compensate for this, but we still keep coming to the same conclusion.

My argument is that bots are simply fundamentally better.

, Optimize train stations: connect either with belts (complex) or with logistic bots (recommended).

Optimize placing of roboports (for charging) and used number of ports vs.

number of bots in the air.

Parallelization High.

Two parallel belts have the doubled throughput as one.

Cost is also only double.

On the other hand: Effort to build that doubles.

, This is the setup where belts are as strong as they can possibly be are in the bots versus belts balance.

In majority cases, bots are going to be relatively much stronger compared to belts.

The result is, that bots did 16.

4k per minute while belts only 9.


With worker robot speed research, it approaches the maximum around 19.

5k per minute.

, 13/01/2018 Let’s step back for a minute.

The game’s primary goal is to build a rocket.

Do bots vs belts work have a good balance inside this domain?

In my opinion, yes.

The balance of bots vs.

belts between game start and rocket launch is actually pretty good.

Belt spaghetti is the driving force behind building your factory for most of the game.

, I just got bots and I eliminated all non-smelting belts.

But sometimes I don’t like seeing them prioritizing one thing over another, or flying halfway to a chest just to turn around to head to a roboport to wait in line to get recharged.

It feels like I’m robbing myself of efficiency, like, I might be doing better if I used belts instead of bots in certain places, but I’m not sure where to.

, As to why belts are more efficient the best guess I have is that there are fewer entities in the belt based setups.

For the smelters with belts the 12 beacon has 3530 active entities and the bot based one has 6030, 70% more active entities in the bot based base, which is the same as the 70% higher ups on the belt based setup.

, Depends on travel distance, bot speed, and bot capacity.

Belts have higher constant cost, but after 0.

16, each belt segment has constant cost regardless of how long it is, while a bot -based design requires a linear increase in number of bots vs.


A belt segment is a length of belt with no inserters, junctions, or splitters touching it.

, Factorio version: 0.

16: Downloaded: 597 times: My view on bots vs belts problem.

Logistic bots now cost space science packs to craft (in addition to normal ingredients).

Exact amount required is defined in startup Mod Options, default = 20 (50 bots per rocket).

Also, to allow personal supply by robots you get a small amount of free bots for.

, So for ppl who dont know UPS are updates per seconds.

Every Item on a Belts which is moving need processing power.

Even with a good CPU, there is the point where UPS starts dropping.

Thats the problem for Megafactories.

The longer the Item has to move the more calculation nessesary, which is bad.

Undergroundbelts can reduce this calculation.

In order to reduce the lenght of the belts players.

factorio bots vs belts