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Factorio Bots Or Belts

Bots vs.

belts is a controversial subject, even in our team, but most of us believe bots are too powerful.

So we did small nerfs from time to time in an effort to compensate for this, but we still keep coming to the same conclusion.

The universe we are in, where Factorio has had logistic bots since very early.

, This is the setup where belts are as strong as they can possibly be are in the bots versus belts balance.

In majority cases, bots are going to be relatively much stronger compared to belts.

The result is, that bots did 16.

4k per minute while belts only 9.


With worker robot speed research, it approaches the maximum around 19.

5k per minute.

, Experts Belts.

Practical up to distances of 500 tiles (to compare: a radar station watches up to 200 tiles, with a 100-tile “radius”).

Useful for connecting small resource-fields to the factory area, as the throughput of a belt is limited to 900 items per minute on a fully-compressed basic belt.

, Depends on travel distance, bot speed, and bot capacity.

Belts have higher constant cost, but after 0.

16, each belt segment has constant cost regardless of how long it is, while a bot -based design requires a linear increase in number of bots vs.


A belt segment is a length of belt with no inserters, junctions, or splitters touching it.

, 13/01/2018 The issue that at least I personally have with bots is that they do not pose an interesting design challenge, and if you choose to rely on them (which by the way, the motivation is very strong lategame what with bots being superior efficiency-wise), your Factorio experience will go from designing elaborate belt balancers based on various item.

, -no belts vanilla game-robocharger-robot big pole.

Version history: 0.


0- Basic structures and chests 0.


0- Early game bots 0.


0- Long range transmitter and bot /base upgrades to normal bots /roboports, Factorio version: 0.

17 – 0.


Upgrade your engineer with Builder Bot Start.

Begin the game with construction bots from the moment you touch down on the planet to allow your focus to be your factory from step one.

4 personal roboport Mk.

2 4 portable fusion reactors 3 battery Mk.

2 Exoskeleton Night vision goggles Belt Immunity Portable.

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