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, In file: ext/quick/ ext_tables_static +adt.


INSERT INTO `tx_quick_string` (`name`, `vlaue`) VALUES (‘catalog’, ‘this is group one’);.

I want to change the value to ‘this is, Gridelements.

You don#t need to enter the needed gridelements manually 🙂 but half automatically.

Add a folder for grid layouts.

For example.

Grid Layouts, Spanish language pack for the TYPO3 Extension static_info_tables – franzholz/static_info_tables_es, For a custom extension I’m writing, I have an ext_tables.

sql file which is being loaded at installation time.

I would like to insert some dynamic data into the tables created from ext_tables.

sql during the installation routine using PHP code.

, ext_tables_static +adt.

sql (optional) Static SQL tables and their data.

If the extension requires static data you can dump it into a SQL file of this name.

Example for dumping MySQL data from the shell (assuming you are in the extension directory):, Records from this table may not be edited in the TYPO3 backend.

Such tables are usually called #static#.

If set, this property is often combined with a ext_tables_static +adt.

sql file to automatically populate #, Moreover, the install tool imports ext_tables_static +adt.


Cannot complete the install because of a conflicting dependency.

was to simply delete adt, and redownload the newest version manually from the website.

I downloaded the ‘adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20140321’, but when, 18/04/2020 * Bug #64119: Import ext_tables_static +adt.

sql on extension update.

* Bug #63990: Replace mysql function with TYPO3 function.



0 – 6.


99: ZIP Archive 1.


3 / stable December 17, 2014 Please reimport ext_tables_static +adt.

sql! * Add: Option to show current (gps) position in leaflet.

, This only affects extensions which have ext_tables+adt.

sql files such as static_info_tables.

But I was able to reproduce the problem using a fresh install of the Dummy-3.



zip installation with the bug_416.

diff patch applied on both a windows and linux installation.