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Configuration Files ( ext_tables.

php & ext_localconf.

php) Files ext_tables.

php and ext_localconf.

php are the two most important files for the execution of extensions within TYPO3.

They contain configuration used by the system on almost every request.

They should therefore be optimized for speed.

Development of TYPO3 CMS.

Overview; Activity; Roadmap; Issues; Repository; TYPO3 Core (Archived Projects), Mirror from git.



Contribute to TYPO3 -extensions/examples development by creating an account on GitHub.

examples / ext_tables.


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TYPO3 8.

7 TCA ext_tables.

php check.

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I’ve started a new project with TYPO3 CMS 8.

7 LTS and I’ve created my own distribution- (or provider-) extension for TypoScript, TSconfig and HTML-Templates — #, TYPO3 uses UTF-8 encoding, you will need to ensure that your instance of MySQL also uses UTF-8.

When installing TYPO3 for the first time, you can select UTF-8 encoding when you create the database for the first time.

For an existing database, you will have to set each table and column to use UTF-8.

Modify ext_tables.


You’ll need to edit ext_tables.

php in the main directory of your extension.

Then hit the link “Clear cache in typo3conf/” (above “Clear FE cache” in the modules columun of the Typo3 interface) and reload your flexform.

The TCA startingpoint should now have disapeared.

Key Description; type: Can be #sys# or #web#.

This is purely informative, as TYPO3 CMS does nothing with that piece of data.

allowedTables: The tables that may reside on pages with that #doktype#.

Nowadays the only usecase for TCA changes in ext_tables.

php is to override TCA definitions done in the ext_tables.

php of a legacy extension.

TCA overrides cannot be used in this case until the author of the legacy extension migrates his code.

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