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Everquest Jboots

Here is the low down.

The jboots (not the fabled jboots )have nott been nerfed to the lvl of 50.

I would post a screen shot but I don’t know how to do it.

So, if someone would tell me how to do it I will post it.

llamka lvl 53 cleric llamkat lvl 20 bst and a bunch of newbies with armor they shouldn’t have.

Quote: Life is only life when life.

Play EQ the first 15 years or so it was out; then got burned out.

Started playing again a week ago.

Did this quest yesterday as 40 enchanter.

Took 12 hrs in South Ro to finally get the AC to spawn (unless he spawned earlier and I missed him).

a lot of pain in the **** named mobs that didn’t help the time factor (Moldrak w/pet, Arthikus w/pet, Ghoul of Takish-Hiz, Terrorantula and ALL her.


Hasten Bootstrutter is a gnome that wanders Rathe Mountains.

(For a map, see the NPC page.

) He wants three items: Ring of the Ancients from Ancient Cyclops; Shadowed Rapier; 3250 Gold Pieces (must be Gold) Note: It is difficult to catch him with that much weight unless you have high strength or Spirit of Wolf.

So you may have to wait along his route and target him with Hail.

AKA ” JBoots “.

Formerly dropped from Drelzna in Najena before the Journeyman’s Boots Quest was implemented on October 13, 1999.

See: Green_Server#Anticipated_Patch_Release_Schedule It can be clicked from a bag slot and has an instant cool down and cast timer.

Just like SoW it #, 29/05/2020 What does this information mean?

Notes These are NOT the same as Legendary Journeyman’s Boots from the Heritage Quest The Journey is Half the Fun.

These are/were L1 Jboots available to Claim after “consuming” a special registration code contained in the “Starter Pack” for Everquest2 when you preordered.

(The pack also contained an early version of the character creator #, I play a lvl 66 bard on CT and was about to say a bard does not need jboots till I saw what lvl your bard is.

and yes in the lower lvls jboot are very handy for the insta click sow.

Now get lvl 55 with your bard (or a few teir 3 flags ) and grab a set of composer greaves ( ornate greave ) and that is 1 sec selo’s.

19/04/2020 Jboots was a nightmare for me, guy before me got them in 30 minutes.

For me it was around 40 hours.

Although on some other server years ago I wanted a Wood Elf illusion mask for my Iksar Warrior, and it was from a tough mob, I think an old raid mob and the respawn time was something like 3 days plus a 24 hour variance.

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This method is useful when some or all requirements are NO DROP, and so would normally prevent transfer between.

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