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Eu4 Ottomans Vs Rum Ideas

Ottoman Government [].

The Ottoman Government is a unique government type with fixed dynasty and the following benefits: +0.

5 Yearly legitimacy #10% Unjustified demands +150 Governing capacity +5 Maximum absolutism; This government is permanently lost if the country is no longer Muslim or if the government type is changed during the Revolution disaster or by revolutionary rebels enforcing.

I actually like them a little better.

You get +10% morale instead of 15% Cav CA and -15% naval maintenance vs.

-10% ship cost.

Plus Ottomans have one of the worst ideas in the game, Reduce Cost of War Exhaustion, whereas Rum ‘s weakest is arguably +1 legitimacy.

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Rm has better ideas than ottomans while keeping ottoman government form.

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You’re right with Rum ideas plus humanist you’ll probably never have rebels pop unless you go over 100% OE.

However your rebel issues would still be very small with Karaman, especially if you take offensive and enact the humanist/offensive policy.

Europa Universalis IV.

FWIW, my campaign with Mughals did go a lot better than my Ottoman games.

Though I think it’s less about their ideas and more about land development and neighbor countries.

Mughals just have a much easier time blobbing on a much richer lands than the Ottos.


eu4 ottomans vs rum ideas