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Eu4 Ottomans No Cb Granada

First time I have ever played Austria.

My plan is to no cb on Byzantium and to vassalize them before the Ottomans dow them.

I will need a start where the Ottomans don’t rival me so I can get access through them and Hungary.

At the same time I want to no cb and vassalize Granada as well.

I figure Granada is an easy way to take provinces in North Africa as I fight those countries who will ally.

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granada got an alliance with the ottomans.

OR, get access from mamluks and no cb ethiopia and the other.

05/01/2017 The plan from the get go was to no – cb Shirvan and then conquer Gazikmukh for myself.

This all went to plan but I did get a little bit lucky in that the Spanish Civil War fired quite early which bought me a little bit more time.

This got me close enough to the Ottomans to nullify much of the distance malus to forming an alliance.

no CB = no casus belli = no particular reason nor ‘right’ tm to attack someone insignificant other.

i do it on occasion to do it to get the ball rolling in particular in the beginning when time is of essence, but before i do i pick the mission to get +1 stab for 50 prestige, because no CB gives #, r/ eu4 : A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV by Paradox Development Studio.

So I’ve been trying various strategies previously suggested to win as Granada early game so you can beat up the pesky Iberians later and retake Andalusia, but to no avail.

do a no cb war on an OPM.

Ottoman one tag WC is my absolute favourite play through (until I obviously get bored around 1700 and never finish).

My opening moves look something like this: Fabricate on Athens.

DOW Byz – take Constantinople and Athens in the peace.

Fabricate on Calabria in Naples as we’ll be using this as a stepping stone to Iberia.


Most virgin guides will tell you to fabricate a claim on Constantinople, we are chads no cb is the best cb.


To finish up phase 1 you must train up your army your force limit should be 30ish thousand but we will build as many as we can including mercs money is of no concern, money is just a number in the corner we have no limits! Phase 2.

25/06/2015 If Portugal isn’t allied with Castille you should build fleet and make trade cb war against Castille.

You destroy their fleet, blockade ports and just wait to win.

And repeat this war every time.

It was my tactics to survive as Tunis.

A lot of money, no fleet to Spain and Portugal and truces.

Taking provinces from Africa is a good idea too.

The Ottomans desire Georgian land, and the primary challenge of a Georgia game is to deter and eventually overcome the looming threat from the West.

As an Orthodox nation surrounded by Sunni and Shia, diplomacy and integration of new lands can be tough, but makes it ideal for a player looking for a challenging land campaign or a candidate for.

Around April/June 1445 you#re gonna want to put 10k troops on your boats and station them in the Ionian Sea.

Disinherit your heir, do your estates AFTER DISINHERITING, and no CB Byzantium.

Stab up twice.

If you managed to get a royal marriage with Austria, you can expect an event heir very soon.

eu4 ottomans no cb granada