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Eu4 Ottomans Invincible

01/10/2017 Play political, get allies, get stronger or a better military.

Ottomans were something like the endboss (and historical they were so strong).

Finding strategies to get rid of strong nations is a leraning process.

There were no invincible armies.

25/06/2017 I’ve tried again and again, trying to beat the Ottomans as Ming.

Despite impressive (I think) troops, Ottomans having almost no manpower, and busy with another war against Austria.

I could not beat their troops, and they also fielded at least 4 two star generals at once.

Year 1550, equal tech.

A real shame, as I had a prime time to force them out of their Alliances with Muscovy and France.

11/03/2019 If EU4 did a better job at reflecting peacetime power dynamics and inheritance, the Ottomans could be more historically accurate in terms of their representation, as a lot of Ottoman strength was through diplomacy, but diplomacy isn’t a very powerful tool in this game with the exception of the ability to create bizarrely permanent alliances.

Ottoman ideas – Part of the reason for this is the Ottoman’s ideas/traditions.

They get +10% discipline, triple manpower for religious wars, +15% cavalry combat ability, and +20% manpower recovery speed.

However, this alone isn’t enough – for comparison, the Prussians get +20% land morale, +20% infantry combat, +25% manpower, and +20% discipline.

After Ulm joined Protestant League We Protestants of Europe are invincible now ! Your Forts’ Walls shall crumble against the Almighty Ulmer Cannons !.

Cursed protestant ottomans.

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With Austria’s large army, high manpower, prestige, morale, the opportunity to inherit or get a Personal Union over Burgundy, Hungary, and Bohemia and the ability to build a powerful alliance web, Austria often can field the largest army in Europe and has extremely defensible terrain due to Austria being mostly mountains.

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eu4 ottomans invincible