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Ok, perhaps even easier than the steps are the regular bikes from EU – Bike that you see everywhere in Stockholm.

There are around 1500 bikes scattered around the city.

If you have never used an electric step before, renting an EU – BIKE will probably be a lot easier and comfortable.

To use an EU – Bike you pay 5 SEK per 30 minutes.

26/06/2020 The information in this guide may be affected by covid-19.

Getting around central Stockholm has never been easier – often all you need is an app.

Hire an electric scooter, explore the city on an electric bike , rent an electric car or take a classic Vespa for a spin.

23/08/2018 EU Bikes avtal fr hyrcyklar kritiseras # “Jag r frvnad och lite chockad” Green economy Delningsekonomi Mobilapp 23 aug 2018, kl 13:31.

I appen kan anvndarna se var cyklarna finns placerade.

S hr ser det ut i centrala Uppsala.

Liyang Wangs grna hyrcyklar har tagit ver gatorna i Stockholm och Uppsala.

Ellinor Wik is proud to report that Uppsala has been elected twice in a row as best bike -city in Sweden.

Mayor Erik Pelling is also proud # and happy to see that more and more people in Uppsala are cycling.

For him, the role of the municipality is #to invest and build infrastructure#, like the bike #, Ljusgrna cyklar mrkta EU – bike har de senaste dagarna blivit en vanlig syn runt om i staden.

Det handlar om fretaget Green economy som nu etablerar cykeluthyrning i bde Uppsala och Stockholm dr det handlar om totalt 1500 cyklar.

26/08/2019 Amidst all the craze and scooters littering every sidewalk, its easy to forget there is an alternative: EU Bikes.

Its an looking app.

The bikes look a bit old.

But they work.

And it is so much cheaper.

5sek for 30 minutes.

Compared to Lime, where the scooters are 10sek flat + 3sek per minute.

Half an hour comes up to 100sek!, There are paths parallel to nearly every road, and many places to store bikes outside.

As the terrain surrounding Uppsala is rather flat, it is easy to bike , even for inexperienced biciclysts.

The cheapest way to rent a bike is via the local bike sharing company EU – Bike.

You rent one of their easily recognizable green bikes by acquiring their.

Visiting Uppsala ?

Here you can rent a recumbent bike , tandem, MTB, folding bike or some normal city and hybrid bikes.

Most bikes are located in Flogsta, about 4 km from the station.

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We believe in the power of cycling to create a better world as we move forward.

We inspire all people to enjoy our products in their everyday lives and where they take them.

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