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Eq2 Drumsui

After several years of EQ2 UI modding, individual releases, and user requests, the DrumsUI is finally released as a full UI.

The DrumsUI ‘s purpose is to add features to the standard interface windows while also saving screen space and eliminating unnecessary extras.

[ DrumsUI ] Updater.

Updater Support Topic; DrumsUI Portal; Manual install version: here Description: Now packaged as an Installer, the DrumsUI Updater will now be installed to a desired directory, create a desktop shortcut, and add an Uninstall option to the Control Panel.

Looks like an undocumented change with this week#s All Access rollout is causing players with ProfitUI and DrumsUI to crash on launch.

The interim solution is to remove or rename the file EverQuest IIUIEQ2MAP eq2ui_mainhud_welcome.


Looks like DrumsUI author Drumstix got tired of waiting, broke out a calculator (and some Optical Character Recognition) and has calculated out the max level of every Spirit Stone currently in-game.

VISIT: Spirit Stones at Max Level @ DrumsUI.

If you haven#t checked out DrumsUI , it is one of the best #full replacement# UI themes for EQ2.

13/10/2019 I still use DrumsUI and currently Blackhood has been keeping it up to date.

Well, did with Planes of Prophecy anyway.

See what happens with the next expansion.

This is part of the DrumsUI 2.

0 update.

Update [Persona]: New side-tab selection for selecting pages.

No more slide-in menu.

Merc tab updated to latest patch.

Update [StatBar]: EQ2 button added for the EQ2 Menu.

The “UI” button now opens the DrumsUI Main Menu.

Options now edited within the DrumsUI Main Menu window.

The EverQuest II Modular Atlas Project, or EQ2MAP, is a database of user-created maps and user-submitted Points of Interest, or POIs, with an in-game User Interface mod that adds dots to the map that display information about those POIs.

A launcher keeps the MAP up-to-date in the same way that the EverQuest II Launchpad does.

If you don’t have this mod, go get it! It is easy to install and.

EQ2MAP ” EverQuest 2 Modular Atlas Project (EQ2MAP or MAP) is an interface modification that provides user made zone maps as well as user submitted Points of Interest (POIs).

” Popular UI Mods Edit Fetish Edit.

The Fetish line of UI mods was designed by Fetish, aka Zonx, The Green Troll, and is downloadable at EQ2Interface.

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Found my pre-order disc with the original character creation.




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If you are a new player, read please.

As a new player myself, I had to figure this out the hard way.

The launcher is really screwy and for some reason even.

Drums UI is very good as well.

The biggest problem I’ve found with profit UI is the amount of resources it takes to run.

You will lose a good 10-15 FPS without a high end computer

eq2 drumsui