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Eq2 Drumsui Updater

[ DrumsUI ] Updater.

Updater Support Topic; DrumsUI Portal; Manual install version: here Description: Now packaged as an Installer, the DrumsUI Updater will now be installed to a desired directory, create a desktop shortcut, and add an Uninstall option to the Control Panel.

[ DrumsUI ] Full Interface Game Update : ToT+.

Full Interface Support Topic; DrumsUI Portal ** Updater version **: here Description: After several years of EQ2 UI modding, individual releases, and user requests, the DrumsUI is finally released as a full UI.

Looks like an undocumented change with this week#s All Access rollout is causing players with ProfitUI and DrumsUI to crash on launch.

The interim solution is to remove or rename the file EverQuest IIUIEQ2MAP eq2ui_mainhud_welcome.


Update [MainMenu]: The DrumsUI Main Menu now includes settings for all the DrumsUI custom settings, and has recieved a face lift.

A dropdown is used to navigate the multiple settings.

Update [SpellTimer]: You can now save up to 30 spells per character to track.

This version installs like a regular eq2 interface and is static.

If you want updated points of interest you need to re- and install.

This version does not require.

NET (no programs) as its just a pure EQ2 #, Drums UI for EQ2 and hotbars I started using Drums UI since Profit UI became a lost cause.

Thre’s a lot of interesting things to the UI, but now I hear/read that it’s not being updated either.

15/11/2016 Update Notes: Tuesday November 15, 2016 (Kunark Ascending) Written by Feldon on November 15, 2016 10:00 am.

Posted in EQ2 , Expansion News, Game Updates & Maintenance, Grouping, Itemization, Raiding, Tradeskill, The EverQuest II Modular Atlas Project, or EQ2MAP, is a database of user-created maps and user-submitted Points of Interest, or POIs, with an in-game User Interface mod that adds dots to the map that display information about those POIs.

A launcher keeps the MAP up-to-date in the same way that the EverQuest II Launchpad does.

If you don’t have this mod, go get it! It is easy to install and.

EQ2MAP ” EverQuest 2 Modular Atlas Project (EQ2MAP or MAP) is an interface modification that provides user made zone maps as well as user submitted Points of Interest (POIs).

” Popular UI Mods Edit Fetish Edit.

The Fetish line of UI mods was designed by Fetish, aka Zonx, The Green Troll, and is downloadable at EQ2Interface.

Welcome to EQ2U, a website from the makers of EQ2Wire!.

In November 2011, Dethdlr and Feldon were put in touch with SOE’s Platform and Game teams (including Dan Kinney and Nandor “Zoltaroth” Szots) about a new Data Feeds API that would allow websites besides EQ2Players to access data about EQ2 characters, guilds, and items.

In the subsequent months, we tested and provided feedback which has.

eq2 drumsui updater