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Eq Deathfist Slashed Belts

This quest can be performed at dubious and higher faction with the quest giver.

Cain Darkmoore, who is located in the banquet room on the 2nd floor of the warrior guildhall.

He now wants two Deathfist Slashed Belts at a time.

When you give him two belts , you gain faction with the warriors and paladins, and you lose it with the militia.

, Is the deathfist ” slashed ” belt the same as the regular deathfist belts dropped?

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RE: Is it the same as just a regular belt ?

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, Cain Darkmoore says ‘I must have two Deathfist belts.

‘ Hand him 2 Deathfist Slashed Belts Cain Darkmoore says ‘Very fine work, Zatx.

With your help, we shall soon rid the commonlands of the orcs.

Then we can move on to a [bigger problem].

‘ Your faction standing with Steel Warriors got better.

Your faction standing with Guards of Qeynos got better.

, Deathfist Slashed Belt.

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Classic Era (added 1999-2000) Project 1999 Auction Tracker (Blue) 30d Avg 90d Avg All Time Avg All Time Range # Seen 10 11 9 13 9 19 1 / 200 1743 Date Seller Price Date Seller Price 2020-06-16 : Plowplow : 5 : 2020-06-15 : Plowplow : 5 2020-06-13 :, Deathfist Slashed Belt Database; Items; Misc; Other; Deathfist Slashed Belt Quest Class: ALL Race: ALL.

Size: SMALL: Weight: 1.

3 : Item summary Id : 13916 Lore : Large Orc Tattered Belt Type : Other (not stackable) Initial entry : 8/11/01 8:00 PM: Last updated : 4/20/20 5:34 AM: Dropped by (15).

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, Go into East Commonlands and kill Orcs in order to get some Slashed Deathfist Belts.

Give 2 belts to Cain Darkmoore for the following response: Cain Darkmoore says ‘Very fine work, Runengetum.

With your help, we shall soon rid the commonlands of the orcs.

Then we can move on to a [bigger problem].

, She asks for two deathfist shoulderpads, a deathfist slashed belt , and 10 gold for a cheap chest piece and some faction hits.

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Associated in one quest.

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, There are many quest iterations regarding orcs and their belts.

For more details, see the specific quest.

Deathfist Slashed Belts (Freeport) Orc Belts (Rivervale) Crushbone Belts #, Help protect our merchant caravans and traveling citizens, while at the same time practicing your defensive skills, and eliminating these deadly creatures from the surrounding landscape.

bring me a giant snake rattle, a Deathfist slashed belt , the chitin of a desert tarantula, and turn in your white training sash, and I shall reward your noble.

eq deathfist slashed belts