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Eq Crushbone Belt Quest

On a level 10 woodelf rogue, got about 3% xp per 2 belts turned in.

Compared to turning in 2 crushbone sholderpads for 10% per 2.

Tho when I first started it seemed way higher but memory is strange, you remember the good as better and the better as great and usually forget the bad all together.

Canloe Nusback in the warrior guild in Kaladim is the guy you want.

(You can also buy belts from players for an ave.

of 1PP per).

He also has a follow up one to the belt quest , when you can kill lego’s, get their Crushbone Shoulderpads.

(You can also buy pads from players for an ave.

of 2PP per).

You need to hand them to Canloe 2 at a time.

02/04/2020 Related Quests.

Crushbone Shoulderpads Quest ; The Mudtoes; Notes.

Players often will buy Crushbone Belts for ~3pp per belt.

(As of 1/26/2020, 3pp per Belt and 5pp per Pad on all servers) Be careful not to be handing in belts while other players are doing the same.

Often Canloe will take both sets of belts and not reward any experience.

Canloe Nusback of the Kaladim Warrior’s Guild requires Crushbone belts.

Crushbone belts drop commonly off of Orc Centurion’s in Crushbone.

Canloe Nusback may be found at -20, +535 in the Warrior’s Guild.

Note: This quest lowers faction with ogre warriors.

You say, ‘Hail, Canloe Nusback’ Canloe Nusback says ‘Step forward and speak up, young _____!, 09/11/2012 30d Avg 90d Avg All Time Avg All Time Range # Seen 429496732 858993457 178956980 593533122 6949792 121968236 1 / 2147483647 309, 09/11/2012 30d Avg 90d Avg All Time Avg All Time Range # Seen ?


11 22 7 16 1 / 160 304, Quest : Experience Loot Unrated: Taskmaster Earring – High Elf Female: 14 – 115: Crushbone : Wizard, Magician, Enchanter, Necromancer: Human, High Elf, Erudite, Dark.

Everquest Zone Information for Crushbone.

Dadly, most of what WarpedMonkey said back in 2005 — still holds true now in 2011 !.

just more of em running around.

but not even playing.

between getting Pwrlvled and buying TA’s left and right.

they are now lvl 85-90, 500-2k aa’s and can’t cast a spell w/out fizzling 20x in a row.

no knowledge of “how” to play that char in a grp situation.

Canloe is most famous for his quest to turn in the Crushbone Belts , but he also gives out a quest involving Legionnaire Shoulderpads, I believe.

Bring him two, and you get some faction, xp, maybe a little coin, and I think a piece of low-level armour.

Taqmar 30th Monk of the Ashen Order, There are many quest iterations regarding orcs and their belts.

For more details, see the specific quest.

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