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Epicor Ud Table

09/06/2016 We’ve all seen the UD tables in Epicor ERP.

But how can they be used?

What is their true purpose.

We’ll show you what the tables can be used for and how to work with them.

Learn what the master.

you need a licence of Epicor ICE to create new UD Tables , but it’s very expensive and complex.

if you need create a new functionality, the suggest is use a existent UD table or create a new table (traditional SQL table ) and create the new functionality in base of customizated code.

2017-02-08 10:34 GMT-06:00 Hogardy [email protected]:, 15/11/2018 I have a UD Table setup as a child to Supplier Maintenance.

I am trying to use it to enter new data records using the VendorID as Key1 and the wizard generated auto-incrementing counter as Key5.

I have two date fields and a combo box bound via a customization to three of the UD table fields (ShortChar01, Date01, and Date02).

The problem that I am having is that whenever I search a select a.

05/06/2019 I am hoping to shortcut writing a bunch of code# I have a record in a UD table that I want to copy to another record and only change one Key field.

If the new record already exists, then overwrite the non-key fields, otherwise create it.

I then want to delete the old record.

I saw @Chris_Conn write a simple way of going through the UD fields in the post on GetANewUDXX and it would save a few.

13/11/2018 The Table Name button will only show tables that have had a UD field added to them.

Makes them easier to find to do maintenance.

Edit: The button should be labeled # UD Table Name#, as it only searches for UD tables (not the DB tables those UD ones are related to), which only exist after they are created, Like you can#t search for an Order Number that you haven#t created yet.

02/04/2014 To solve this issue, Epicor has Extended User Defined Table Maintenance utility which helps you to create user-defined tables and add the additional fields to this new table.

By using this utility you can create a new UD table for any existing table and the new created UD table will be empty with two columns (SysRowID and ForeignSysRowID) and.

10/05/2019 Online help references this, it may be different in later versions of Epicor.

Navigate to System Setup > System Maintenance > Extended UD Table Maintenance.

You can add custom fields here.

Next after you are done, in the User Defined Table Maintenance form, click Actions > Sync Current table to DB (Or Sync All Tables to DB).


19/12/2018 I want to add a UD table as a child table.

The wizard did pretty much all of the work, and I have a grid that I can add rows to.

Now I want to change the menu words so it makes sense to the end user.

First I tried changing the words from the string #New UD11#.

While it changed it in the menu, it also made the the new button not work (it wouldn#t add the new row).

Is there another step.

epicor ud table