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Emil J Paidar Company Chicago Barber Chair

The Emil J.

Paidar Company was based in Chicago and has been the leading manufacturer of barber chairs until the late fifties.

The company has been making these chairs since the early 1900#s.

As the market leader, Paidar #s designs were generally the baseline #, Emil J.


The Emil J.

Paidar Company was based in Chicago , and it manufactured barber chairs from the early 20th century until the 70#s.

At one point in the company #s existence, it was the nation#s top manufacturer.

Emil J.

Paidar also made several other barber supplies that are both elegant and consistent with the brand.

In the late 1950s, US-based barber chair manufactures sold about 10,000 chairs a year to the 100,000 barber shops.

Chicago -based Emil J.

Paidar Company was a leading manufacturer of barber chairs in the late 1950s (Belmont and American Barber Chair Company from 1948 to 1956 whose chairs were spinoffs of the Koken chair ).

Theodore A.

Koch Company : The Chicago -based Theodore A.

Koch Company incorporated Archer and Berninghaus innovations into its own line of barber chairs.

By 1885, the company had sold more than 35,000 chairs.

Koken#s Barber Supply Company : The first hydraulic barber chair was engineered by Ernest Koken in 1900.

Eventually the Paidar Company went bankrupt but the design and technology seen in the modern barber chairs is a proof to its legacy which still lives on.

Parts Comprising Emil J Paidar Barber Antique Barber Chairs.

Each part of the Emil J Paidar barber chair is a tribute to the craftsmanship of the artisan involved in its manufacture.

The Emil J.

Paidar Barber Chair company is based in Chicago , Illinois.

The company has been building barber shop chairs since the beginning of the 20th century.

There is no date on this catalog but it was produced during the streamlining era of American manufacturing, probably during the early 1930’s.

01/05/2014 Long before the era of Kokens and Belmonts, the Paidar barber chairs , first made in the early 1900s, commanded the top of the market for barber chairs in the United States.

The Emil J.

Paidar Company was based in Chicago and was the leading manufacturer of #, Emil J.

Paidar Company Chicago Barber Chair $10,000.

00 $10,000.

00, Home of the Koken, Theo A.

Koch and Emil J.

Paidar Barber Chair # The Hunt for your Antique Barber Chairs is filled with many twist and turns.

First there is the Hunt, then the calculated stalking and finally the euphoric capture and kill (buying the antique barber chair ).

Second there is the trip home.

EMIL PAIDAR BARBER Chair Parts – $50.


These are some Emil Paidar barber chair parts.

I#m selling these for a friend he purchased these for a different make thinking they might work , however they didn#t fit.

I believe they fasten to the backrest but don#t hold me to it, I asked him and he couldn#t really explain it to me.

I tried as much as I could to show in photos those gasket.

emil j paidar company chicago barber chair