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Emil J Paidar Barber Chair History

The Emil J.

Paidar Company was based in Chicago and has been the leading manufacturer of barber chairs until the late fifties.

The company has been making these chairs since the early 1900#s.

As the market leader, Paidar #s designs were generally the baseline #, 15/03/2012 The Emil J.

Paidar Company has been making barber chairs since the 1900’s.

The Chicago-based company is one of two major domestic barber supply manufacturers in the United States during that time period.

The Emil J.

Paidar Barber Chair company is based in Chicago, Illinois.

The company has been building barber shop chairs since the beginning of the 20th century.

There is no date on this catalog but it was produced during the streamlining era of American manufacturing, probably during the early 1930’s.

Reliving the History of Emil J Paidar Antique Barber Chairs.

The earliest manufacturers of the barber chairs in the United States before the coming on scene of Emil J Paidar were the Archer Company, Eugene Berninghaus and Theo A.


The swivel feature in the barber #s chair was brought about by the latter two manufacturers.

Koken#s Barber Supply Company: The first hydraulic barber chair was engineered by Ernest Koken in 1900.

Koken also invented and patented the side lever that allowed the barber to control the chair #s functions.

Parts of vintage and antique barber chairs.

Old barber chairs are made up of many different parts, some of which include the following:, Emil J.


The Emil J.

Paidar Company was based in Chicago, and it manufactured barber chairs from the early 20th century until the 70#s.

At one point in the company#s existence, it was the nation#s top manufacturer.

Emil J.

Paidar also made several other barber supplies that are both elegant and consistent with the brand.

Antique Barber Chairs , why collectors love them # Forums # Emil J Paidar Barber Chairs This forum has 35 topics, 27 replies, and was last updated 1 month, 4 weeks ago by Joe.

Viewing 16 topics – 1 through 15 (of 36 total), 12/08/2018 One of the top US-based barber chair manufacturing company sold approx 10,000 chairs a year in 1950 to more than 100,000 barber shops.

However, the Chicago based Emil J.

Paidar Company broke the record and became the number one manufacturer who sold more chair than any other company in 1950.

Today, we see various types of barber chair in the.

Antique barber chair emil j paidar.

Everything works, chair is in excellent condition and ready for your shop

emil j paidar barber chair history