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21/10/2011 Now the court has targeted Eddie Trotta of Thunder Cycles in Fort Lauderdale, a familiar figure on the old Speed Channel motorcycle shows.

Trotta sold Rothstein a $69,000 bike, which he described to Bob Norman of WPLG/Channel 10 in Miami as “one of these little choppers.

” Said Trotta : “He fell off it.

He didn’t know how to ride it.

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HNIC at Thunder Cycle Designs.

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Leasing Manager at Cortland Portofino Place.

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Athletics at Hofstra University.

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Bogan High School.

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Ed Trotter.

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Giuseppe`Ohpe` Trotta – Giutro.

Matthew Trotta DHATL – MatthewPTrotta.

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Eddie Trotta takes building motorcycles seriously and assumes personal responsibility for their quality.

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And then the fat tire in the back becomes the big # Eddie Trotta says.

That you see or not the woman part(s) in each of his bikes, you must admit that his motorcycle designs are very distinctive and recognizable.

You don#t come to Eddie Trotta to have a bike custom built unless you want an Eddie Trotta #, Guest Cast: Irene de Bari as Samantha, Michael MacRae as Stams, Ed Trotta as Cardosa, Hector Mercado as Ramos, Andrew Rhodes as Richardson.

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