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Antique Desks.

Understanding the major desk design trends allows you to determine when an antique desk was probably made.

Almost all of this furniture is made of wood by craftsmen using various inlays, veneers, and carvings depending on the time period in which the furniture was made.

, Antique desks from the Regency period drew on Greek, Egyptian and Roman influences that can be seen in animal-themed metallic decorations such as lions paws.

While Regency antique desks were mostly made from oak and mahogany, rosewood started to become a popular material during this period.

, Antique Desks & Secretaries.

In the beginning, desks and secretaries were some of the most complicated pieces of furniture you could buy.

There were no computers to store important information, so these desks and secretaries came with all kinds of #, Antique Furniture.

Antique furniture comes in all different styles and pieces.

Different types of wood, craftsmanship, and finishing materials contribute to the individuality of each piece.

Understanding how to assess the quality of antique furniture and how to care for #, Antique desks and bureaus.

Enticing objects to sit down at, antique desks often commanding an air of serious presence when utilising the well-crafted form of a solid mahogany Chippendale rolltop design, or opt for a classic antique Victorian desk.

When space is a consideration, a bureau may seem a weighty object, but at the end of the day.

, 29/06/2020 Beautiful antique Desk with 5 draws that lock sadly we have lost the key.

There are minor flaws see photos for details.

The desk measurements are.

152cms long x80cms high x52 cams wide.

Collection only from Tooting Bec London.

, Make Offer – Antique Desk ,1880 Rare Transfiguring French Writing Desk , Marquetry-Bronze-Gold 47102EC: FREMARC Designs Crackle Paint Decorated French Desk $1,395.

00, Choosing Your Antique Secretary Desk.

The thing about a secretary desk is that it promotes work-life balance in a way that makes it appealing to both collectors and people looking on eBay for a working desk.

Where some other vintage furniture may be purely decorative, a secretary desk can be just as functional as it is attractive.

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