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E-Yeh-Shure ‘ is a published author.

A published credit of E-Yeh-Shure ‘ is I am a Pueblo Indian girl.

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Louise Abeita Chewiwi ( E-Yeh-Shure or Blue Corn) (September 9, 1926 # July 21, 2014), was a Puebloan writer, poet, and educator, who was an enrolled member of Isleta Pueblo.

Louise Abeita.

Born: September 9, 1926.

Isleta Pueblo, New Mexico, United States.

Died: July 21, 2014 (aged 87), found: Wikipedia via WWW, May 6, 2010: Native Americans in children’s literature (I am a Pueblo Indian Girl (1939) was written by thirteen-year-old Louise Abeita, an Isleta Pueblo girl known to her people as E-Yeh-Shure , which translates to Blue Corn.

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#, I Am A Pueblo Indian Girl [ E-Yeh-Shure ‘ (Blue Corn)] on Amazon.


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I Am A Pueblo Indian Girl, Through a rhythmic record in simple prose and verse, the story of how a pueblo Indian girl lives, of her home, her clothes, her food, her pets and what she does.

There’s a close-to-nature quality, and yet there is nothing amateurish in the telling.

The introduction by Oliver La Farge places both text and pictures (beautiful water colors by Indian artists) as definite contributions to Indian art.

I am a Pueblo Indian girl [ E-Yeh-Shure ‘] on Amazon.


*FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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e yeh shure pictures