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Drumstick Squashies Ice Cream

Whether you like them with whipped cream , a dollop of ice cream , or simply on their own, these brownies are utterly delicious.

Makes: 15 # 20 brownie squares.

Preparation time: 20 minutes Cooking time: 50 # 55 minutes Oven temperature: Preheated at 150C/140C Fan/Gas Mark 2.


160g Bag of Drumstick Original Squashies Raspberry.

10/07/2019 Parma Violet Ice Cream.

Parma Violet 320g, crushed ; Water 180ml; Caster Sugar 225g; Squashies Ice Cream.

Squashies ; Raspberry Syrup 300ml; Method.


Make sure the condensed milk and double cream are chilled; Whisk the double cream until thick with an electric whisk and then add the condensed milk; Whisk until thicker still; this is the.

Ice Cream , Ice Lollies & Frozen Desserts.

Ice Lollies.

Drumstick Squashies Lollies 4 X 70Ml.

Swizzels and Drumstick Squashies are registered trade marks of Swizzels Matlow Limited.

Free from artificial colours.

Rich taste , not like the way they have cut back on most sweets and ice lollies now.

It actually does tastes like a drumstick.

B&M selling Drumstick #Squashies# ice cream lollies for super cheap.

By The Manc.

10th May 2019.


I used to love Drumstick lollies when I was younger, I remember occasionally getting them free with my weekly Beano and I couldn#t have been happier.

23/04/2019 And now the famous brand has branched out again with Drumstick Squashies ice lollies, which are now on sale at selected B&M stores.

Revealing all about the product on their Facebook page , #, Filter by Ice Cream , Ice Lollies & Frozen Desserts.

Add Drumstick Squashies Rhubarb Custard Add add Drumstick Squashies Rhubarb Custard to basket.

Save 49p Was 1.

49 Now 1.


Offer valid for delivery from 17/06/2020 until 07/07/2020.

Swizzels Squashies Bubblegum 175G.

05/07/2019 Recipe: Swizzels Ice Cream.

05 July 2019.

You NEED to try this Swizzels ice cream – it’d be perfect when the sun’s out! They’re brilliant for cooling you down; and SO tasty too!.

Swizzels Drumstick Squashies 160g.

Swizzels Drumstick Squashies 160g.



Swizzels Matlow Loadsa Chews 135g + 40% Free.

Swizzels Matlow Loadsa Chews 135g + 40%.

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