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Drumsite is a lot more than a drum machine, it gives you freedom in your creativity.

You can use it in your songs instead of a real drummer, with confidence – your friends won’t hear the difference.

It is also a great learning tool – you can practice, improvise on the rhythm or learn to understand how various rhythms are created.

, Site offering drums creation software Drumsite , Absolute Drum Samples, free Digital Guitar Tuner, free software for converting and OGG to WAV, free drum and bass backing tracks for practicing, improvisation or for playing your favorite songs, free guitar tablatures, guitar tips #, Realistic drums creation tool – unleash your creativity.

Features multi-samples support, effects (equalizer, reverb), WAV, , OGG Vorbis file support, pattern, A selection of drum patterns for Drumsite.

Drum patterns.

Drum patterns are zipped high-quality Drumsite drm files and can be used with standard drumset.

To enjoy it with bass, you need to purchase bass samples first.

(Bass or Professional Edition of Drumsite ), Drumsite.

Drumsite is a program for creating drum parts for your songs.

The program uses digital samples and is not dependent on the quality of your MIDI sounds.

Using Drumsite is very easy – use prepared pattern banks or create your own rhythms.

Export to WAV and mix with other instruments.

That’s it.

Drumsite on the Web and related.

, Use following emails, if you have questions regarding our products: or contact us at: AEON GROUP spol.

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SNP 39 974 01 Banska Bystrica Slovakia, Absolute Drum Samples DVD + Drumsite Pro bundle: 159,- EUR Ultimate Drum Samples Absolute Drum Samples; Number of sounds: 6000: 1700: Original recording sound depth: 24 bits, 44.

1 Khz, multiple mics: 16 bits, 44.

1 Khz, multiple mics: Samples stored as: 32-bit floating point stereo WAV files:, Join the crowd of many satisfied users of Drumsite today! In the Internet world where companies come and go, we are selling drums software since 1998! The link and the password for your version of Drumsite will be provided within 24 hours after the receipt of the payment.

As a registered user you will receive future upgrades for free.

, The bottom line: Ultimate Drum Samples are recorded with better sound depth, feature more hits per variation (one variation means one type of hit executed on a specific drum/cymbal with specific technique and intensity/velocity/volume) and more variations (which translates to more subtlety in the final use) and include brush sticks techniques.

drumsite sk