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Drums Of Fu Manchu Serial

15/03/1940 Directed by John English, William Witney.

With Henry Brandon, William Royle, Robert Kellard, Gloria Franklin.

The nefarious Dr.

Fu Manchu searches for the keys to the tomb of Genghis Khan, in order to fulfill a prophecy that will enable him to conquer the world.

His nemesis, Dr.

Nayland Smith, and his associates fight to keep the evil doctor from getting his hands on the keys.

27/11/1943 Directed by John English, William Witney.

With Henry Brandon, William Royle, Robert Kellard, Gloria Franklin.


Fu Manchu is trying to take over the world by using the scepter of Genghis Khan, who was hidden in his tomb.

With this scepter Fu Manchu gets all the Asian peoples in his power, and with their help he is able to conquer the world.

Feature version of the 1940 Republic serial , about Fu Manchu ‘s attempt to conquer Asia.

Drums of Fu Manchu full Movie Watch Online Drums of Fu Manchu full English Full Movie, THE DRUMS OF FU MANCHU is a classic Republic-era serial in which Nayland Smith and his co-horts do battle with the ever-fiendish Dr Fu Manchu and his endless ‘dacoit’ army.

This overlong serial clocks in at no less than fifteen chapters (with the first chapter #, 11/12/2013 As a general serial rule, treasure hunts in far-flung and ferocious realms are always more exciting than battles with criminals in the big city#but Drums of Fu Manchu reverses this truism; the expedition into the Asian hills, entertaining as it is, is not quite as distinctive or thrilling as the skirmishes with Fu Manchu #s minions in.

Drums of Fu Manchu.

1940 – 15 Chapter Plot In this serial , Fu Manchu attempts to conquer the world by acquiring the Scepter of Genghis Khan, which will unite the people of Asia under his rule.

The action heroics of the serial are provided by an original (for the serial ) character, Allan Parker, a young American, who has allied himself with the.

I admit that if you are a fan of these delightful old series adventures, you’ll thoroughly enjoy ” Drums of Fu Manchu “.

The DVD set includes an informative 12 page booklet entitled, “The History of Fu Manchu “, written by Eric Hoffman, and also, among other things, a short documentary about the cinematic history of this grand, evil character.

The story is very linear: Fu Manchu (Henry Brandon) is aided by lethal daughter Fah-Lo-Suee (Gloria Franklin) and a host of mind-controlled henchmen in an effort to secure the scepter of Ghengis Kahn–and thereby fulfill an ancient prophecy that will cause all of Asia to rise up under his leadership and get rid of those wretched Anglo-Saxon.

Drums of Fu Manchu (15 Chapters) Henry Brandon, Robert Kellard D: William Witney/John English A dacoit knife that nearly misses British investigator Nayland Smith’s head tips him off that megalomaniac Fu Manchu and his evil Si Fan society are in California.

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