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Drum Tec Diabolo E Drums

The drum-tec diabolo series, like its bigger brother the drum-tec pro series, is a completely in-house developed instrument and the result of years of experience of the drum-tec e-drum professionals! We assemble the entire series by hand to make absolutely sure to maintain such a high standard.

The diabolo series is made out of beautifully painted shells produced to our exact specifications.

, The drum-tec diabolo series is THE alternative to all Roland TD-11/15, TD-25, TD-30 and TD-50 V-Drum sets.

Every one of our diabolo e-drum pads fully supports the trigger capabilities of all Roland sound modules from the TD-3 to the Supernatural Sound Modeling of the Roland TD-30 and the Prismatic Sound Modeling of the Roland TD-50.

, Additionally the 2BOX DrumIt 5 Mk II e-drum set in the drum-tec design mesh heads variations, Alesis DM10, Forge, Command, Crimson and the Alesis Strike Pro set as soon as it becomes available.

And of course all Yamaha DTX e-drums of the Yamaha DTX522, the DTX760 and the DTX920 series, optionally with silence solutions for practice at home.

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drum-tec TV.

, Unsere meist verkaufte E-Drum Serie: Der beliebte Allesknner drum-tec diabolo ! Durch die perfekte Symbiose aus Look & Feeling eines modernen Akustik Schlagzeuges, in Verbindung mit unserem Perfektionsanspruch in puncto Trigger-Technologie, Detailverarbeitung und Langlebigkeit, ist die diabolo Serie DIE Alternative zu den Roland TD-11/15 TD-25 TD-30, TD-17 und TD-50 V-Drum Sets.

drum tec diabolo e drums