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All Donmo instruments are handmade so the chances are that no two are exactly alike.

Due to the wonders of the internet, e-mail and international air freight I have been able to make instruments for people all over the world.

Click on the links to see what Donmo is all about.

The latest addition to the site is the story of the Perponda Guitar.

, I make metal bodied resonator guitars from brass, copper, steel and wood.

All of the variations in style, ie #F#holes, slots, single cone style coverplate on tricones, are available in each material.

Rustbuckets are made from old sheets of corrugated steel that I scrounge from building demolition sites and farms etc.

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DonMo Resonator Guitars – no Gibsons.

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BluesKing777 195 #, DonMo Resonator Guitars.

Made since #1998, in my shed at Summertown, in the Adelaide Hills.

(Australia) The nickel plated brass guitars have the number (from about #15 or so) etched on the front at the end of the fretboard.

The Galvos and Rustbuckets have the number stamped on the end of the headstock.

Up to #219 now.

#, Donmo Prices.

Contact Don for further details Email: donmo @ donmo.


Phone: 61 419 8441 95.

Door to door shipping to USA for a guitar adds $200 US.

Check for mandolin shipping costs.

International prices depend on the state of the Australian dollar.

As an example, as at March 2019, a Rustbucket at $2000AU works out at 1090 UK pounds or 1260.


The copper single cone with cutaway has a Queensland Maole neck and Gidgee fretboard.


Overseas buyers please note that the Australian $ is falling at the moment (currently $2000 AU is $1220 US or 1100 EU) and you might get yourself a bargain if you buy soon!, 02/10/2018 I own a wood bodied Donmo guitar , I bought it 2nd hand.

After contacting Don about the weird soundhole grille on the side of the guitar I found it was one of the first 12 he made and the buyer requested it.

The odd things about my guitar are the Flat coverplate and deep soundwell the national buscuit hardly has anything shaved off the saddle.

, The guitar on the right is actually a tricone which weighs just a bit more.

You can have both single cones and tricones with traditional #F#holes, 3 slots per side or grilles and my special domed tricone coverplate.

Rustbucket Tricones (yes, there is three cones under the cover!) on the left with an experimental short scale of 635mm (24 27.

, Don Morrison is a songwriter, singer, guitarist, story teller and guitar maker.

He has shared the stage with many of the biggest names in Australian music, like Midnight Oil, Hunters and Collectors, Billy Thorpe, Joe Camilleri, Men At Work and a hundred more in more than thirty years in music game.

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