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Do Rolex Watches Depreciate

23/10/2016 Why do Rolex watches hold their value so well?

Because Rolex is the watch brand everybody on our planet knows about # and for very good reason.

Many brands might quibble about the pecking order, but Rolex really put the wristwatch on the watch map, was the first brand to develop a water-resistant case and has always been adamant about quality.

17/08/2017 Throughout the years Rolex has produced many great watches.

We took three of their most popular watches to see if over time they appreciated or depreciated in value, over the course of 20 years.

Of course some of the ranges have been discontinued or have only recently been manufactured, so we#ve included predecessors and successors where.

Admittedly, a few of the watches have some attributes unique among the group: the Hublot features a rubber strap, the Concord a small second hand, the Longines a GMT function, the Rolex no date, and the Jaeger a leather strap.

In some cases, Rolex watches can even prove to be great investments that appreciate in value over time.

But what does Rolex have with Tudor to do ?

Well, Tudor is actually the daughter company of Rolex , owned by the same foundation # the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation.

So with that said, you wonder if Tudor has the same value retention.

01/11/2007 One other reason is that Rolex marketing has done such a good job putting their brand name at the top of the watch mountain (even though its not even in the top 10).

This helps tremendously the resale value in addition to the fact that Rolex models don’t change much over the years.

You can’t tell a 10 year old sub from a new one.

01/09/2017 In some extreme cases, custom-set diamonds can actually detract from the overall value of a watch.

If someone were to alter the original dial and bezel of a vintage Rolex Daytona by setting it with a slew of poor quality, low-carat diamonds, the end result would be a timepiece that was worth significantly less than what it was before the modifications had ever taken place.

do rolex watches depreciate