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No one admitted to being more than a casual acquaintance.

He seemed to recall some casual acquaintance saying something recently about market gardening.

It might have been just a lovely meeting of Americans in a foreign country, where even casual acquaintances could suddenly become best friends.

You may have known someone else for twenty years and yet he will never be more than a casual.

, Casual research was done to come up with a name.

Pracujcy dorywczo z badaniami zrobiono stara si o imi.

Who turned out to be not so casual at all.

Kto okazywa nie tak swobodny wcale.

Now was the time to be a little more casual.

Teraz czas mia by troch bardziej swobodny.

She did her best to make the question sound casual.

, Seemingly independent casual workers are often far from being so.

There is still a system for hiring casual workers, but it works by telephone.

This used to be the center for the hiring of casual workers.

In 2011 the parish had about 6,000 Catholics, most of them working as casual workers.

I was born the fifth child of two casual workers.

Most casual workers are paid by the day or hour.

, ” Smart casual ” would be an easy term but I think it does describe me.

The restaurant has a smart casual dress code and does not allow children under 12.

Now it#s just formal or smart casual , which suits me fine.

Dress code to be your choice of salsa or smart casual.

As stated above, a smart casual look is perfectly acceptable.

, Najlepszy sownik angielsko-polski i tumacz angielskiego online.

Sownik angielskiego zawiera nagrania wymowy, przykadowe zdania i obrazki.

, 19/08/2019 Diki is a free of charge, multimedia English dictionary.

Apart from a general dictionary of English, Diki offers a range of specialist dictionaries, including medical, law, marketing, IT or business dictionaries.

Moreover, Diki includes: * over 400 000 entries – general and specialized English vocabulary * words and phrases recorded by native speakers * over 2 900 000 example sentences.

, Both sides learn that the other can be quite good company, and the presence of teachers cuts down on casual bullying.

Teachers will be encouraged to eat with pupils as often as possible.

Beadle writes: “Given that school dinners are repulsive mulch you wouldn’t feed to a pig, a child wolfing them down enthusiastically with snaffling relish will.

, Tom Paulin famously referred to “the sewer under the national monument Larkin became”.

Professor Lisa Jardine, having dispatched Larkin as a ” casual , habitual racist and an easy misogynist”, gleefully noted that “we don’t tend to teach Larkin much now in my department of English.

, In the same year, the then chief constable of Greater Manchester Police, James Anderton, claimed people were “swirling around in a human cesspit of their own making” and people affected by HIV were increasingly marginalised as authors of their own misfortune – the men with promiscuous pasts or the drug users who passed round dirty needles.




uk, The programme to protect children using the Internet and new technologies is one of the basic forms of protecting children, both in terms of dissemination of technology and of increased familiarity with the use of computers.

na pimie.

– (PL) Program ochrony dzieci korzystajcych z Internetu oraz nowych technologii jest jedn z podstawowych form ochrony dzieci zarwno ze wzgldu na.

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