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SDRUM is the world#s first intelligent drum machine for guitarists and bassists.

By simply scratching across your guitar strings, you teach the SDRUM a kick and snare pattern that forms the foundation of the beat you want to hear.

Based on this pattern, the SDRUM supplies a professional sounding drum beat with different embellishments and variations to perfectly complement your beat.

02/07/2018 Digitech SDRUM – who has one?

Acoustic Amplification.

Short answer: no.

But what appeals to me about the SDRUM vs the Beat Buddy is the ability to “tell” it what beat you’d like, and that can be done on the fly (by scratching out the beat on your strings) or #, DigiTech got its start at the beginning of the digital audio revolution in 1984 and has gone on to pioneer many innovations in the music industry.

The world#s largest manufacturer of guitar products, DigiTech is responsible for unmatched innovations in distortion pedals, preamps and modulators, which have been used by such guitar legends as Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix.

08/10/2017 With the Sdrum , i can easily lay down the beat or drum pattern I have in my mind, either with the pads or the guitar, and jam.

Just like the Trio+, you switch songs on the sdrum by hitting the Song button and turning the hats/rides to the slot where you saved the song.

Easy to switch and has 36 presets.

Hope this helps.

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Fiset I do a good impression of myself.

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DigiTech SDRUM This feature is different from any other drum box I am aware of.

BeatScratch# Technology creates drum patterns by strumming your strings.

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Jul #, 12/04/2018 The SDRUM is an effective unit for live players (especially given its ability to sync with DigiTech #s JamMan loopers) and, after an hour, the functionality becomes second nature.

We can#t help feeling there#s a missed opportunity for recording here, though: there#s no MIDI output to trigger other samples, and the mini-USB port is for.

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