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Digico D Rack Specifications

As recognisable as the consoles it supports, the DiGiCo D-Rack comes as standard with the SD9 and is available as an option on all SD-Series consoles.

Providing 32 microphone inputs, 8 line outputs and 8 optional modular outputs that can be selected as either analogue or AES, the D-Rack provides a maximum capacity of 32 ins and 16 outs at 48kHz.

, The DiGiCo D-Rack is the easiest way to get audio to and from your S- or SD-Series console.

Place the D-Rack onstage, then run a single Cat 5e cable to your console # that’s it! Not only is this a breeze to set up, it also eliminates the problematic hum and noise that can plague analog systems.

, DiGiCo D-Rack Datasheet 3 The DiGiCo D-Rack shall have 32 inputs and 8 line outputs.

There shall be an output expansion slots for adding 8 outputs to the rack.

The available output cards shall be an 8 channel line output card, an 8 channel AES output card and a 16 channel Aviom card.

If using the, DiGiCo I/O enters the next generation.

With support for up to 192kHz high resolution analogue I/O converters plus a comprehensive range of digital formats, it#s no wonder that the SD-Rack is accepted as the finest I/O rack available.

From MADI to AES/EBU, Dante, AES-42, ADAT, or #, Delivering 96KHz on BNC or CAT5.

The D2-Rack spearheads DiGiCo #s digital connectivity with an expandable channel count and high sample rates, providing more than enough firepower to meet the needs of the most ambitious projects.

, DiGiCo SD Rack User Manual B – August 2013.

SD Rack 1-2.

See the specifications for a list of the different connectors used in the Rack Modules.

Rack Signal Earthing The analogue earthing requirements of the Rack unit is similar to those of a conventional large analogue console.

All analogue, DiGiCo D2-Rack BNC 48/16.


DiGiCo D-Rack 2P.



Yamaha CL3.



DiGiCo UB Madi.


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digico d rack specifications