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Digico D Rack Dimensions

Delivering 96KHz on BNC or CAT5.

The D2-Rack spearheads DiGiCo #s digital connectivity with an expandable channel count and high sample rates, providing more than enough firepower to meet the needs of the most ambitious projects.

DiGiCo I/O enters the next generation.

With support for up to 192kHz high resolution analogue I/O converters plus a comprehensive range of digital formats, it#s no wonder that the SD-Rack is accepted as the finest I/O rack available.

From MADI to AES/EBU, Dante, AES-42, ADAT, or #, As recognisable as the consoles it supports, the DiGiCo D-Rack comes as standard with the SD9 and is available as an option on all SD-Series consoles.

Providing 32 microphone inputs, 8 line outputs and 8 optional modular outputs that can be selected as either analogue or AES, the D-Rack provides a maximum capacity of 32 ins and 16 outs at 48kHz.

DiGiCo D-Rack Datasheet 3 The DiGiCo D-Rack shall have 32 inputs and 8 line outputs.

There shall be an output expansion slots for adding 8 outputs to the rack.

The available output cards shall be an 8 channel line output card, an 8 channel AES output card and a 16 channel Aviom card.

If using the, The DiGiCo range of modular and fixed rack options provide users with all the high performance I/O needed for any application.

From the class leading SD-Rack with 32 bit conversion, to sample rate conversion, MADI and optical connections and built-in Gain Tracking#, the DiGiCo racks deliver the performance and flexibility needed for every situation.

Above all, you want to do more.

That’s why we’ve added yet more depth and versatility to the SD-Range, in which the DiGiCo SD7 is complemented by the new SD5, powerful SD Ten, compact SD8, the ultra compact SD9, the rackmount SD11 and the revolutionary S21.

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digico d rack dimensions