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Diablo Chairs X Player


Player-designed chairs in Diablo X-Player line are covered with ecology-friendly synthetic leather in stunning colour combinations.

Attractive embossing and embroidery give the chair a crisp look and high quality upholstery materials complete the picture.

Gaming Chairs Diablo X-Player.

The journey to Nephalem is always long and dangerous.

Sitting in black-and-red Diablo X-player you will travel in comfort.

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Diablo X-player.


4 colour combinations.


Synthetic leather.

Suitable for.

office, gaming or computer desk chair.

Chair dimensions.

GAMING CHAIRS DIABLO X-GAMER FOR PLAYERS FEEL SUPPORTED by the DESIGN #and you will not be able to resist the pleasure.

We figured that our top ergonomic design still needs to be wrapped attractively to match the quality of the best games.

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od 597,00 z Model uniwersalny i wyjtkowy w swojej prostocie.

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The Diablo X-Player chairs have been designed to help keep correct posture during long gaming sessions.

Tiredness is the last thing you would want to remember during a long ride, a mission, or an online match.

The carefully crafted seat, armrests and backrest will #, Gaming Chairs Diablo X-Player Read more.

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Fotel X-One to wietny wybr dla kadego fana gier komputerowych.

wietny wygld, niesamowita wygoda oraz jako.


A broad frame, a profiled backrest, and a functional TILT system are all key elements of the DIABLO X-PLAYER gaming chair #s construction.

Thanks to them, your posture will perfectly fit the shape of the chair , so you are going to forget about back pains and a numb neck in no time.

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x-player Vgre, egy olyan szk, ami ergonmikus kialaktsval, vizulis jellemzivel s kivl minsgvel sikeressgre inspirl! De ez csak a kezdet, hiszen a Diablo X-PLAYER szk kpes a jtklmny rszv vlni, a jtkban, melyben te vagy a fhs!, idle pro hre Diablo X-One 2.


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