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Desktop Vs Deskside

As nouns the difference between desktop and deskside is that desktop is the top surface of a desk while deskside is (computing) a computer intended to be placed alongside a desk, etc (contrasted with the smaller desktop models).

As adjectives the difference between desktop and deskside is that desktop is designed for use on a desk or similar.

For years, I’ve just assumed that when lawfirms and financial organizations put out job offers for ” Deskside Support,” all they mean is ” Desktop support”, but they’re making it clear that you, the technician, are a servant and must never make the mistake of sitting in front of the computer and sit in the holy chair of the end user.

Desktop Support deals with end users and office equipment, this service would include break-fix and limited technical guidance and support, usually offered remotely, to support and fix any software related issues on a users# computer and the company#s networks, phones and printers.

What’s the Difference Between a NOC and Desktop Support?

This question is asked a lot because it’s really not uncommon to see both referenced interchangeably, which leaves many to assume they are on in the same.

They are not.

Here is the easiest way to distinguish between the two.

The fact of the matter is if the help desk is a team of technicians who spend a majority of their time performing such hands-on tasks at the end user#s deskside , their role is more aptly defined as # desktop #, Desktop Computer Support.

Desktop Support covers office equipment and end users.

Desktop Support often includes break-fix coverage as well as limited support and technical guidance.

Desktop Support is typically offered remotely, to repair and support software-related issues on company networks and i ndividual users# computers.

It often also.

Desktop Support Technician is a more sneaker net (walking desktop to desktop role) but it may also include support over RDP but usually without a phone strapped to your ear all day Desktop support would be above helpdesk technician but below system administrator.

If you had a choice between the two, go for desktop support, A desktop support specialist is a trained computer expert who provides technical support to users of computer software and hardware running the Windows, Macintosh, or Linux operating system.

Most often, a support specialist works within a company’s information technology department, as a member of the help desk staff at a computer support company, or as an independent contractor.

desktop vs deskside