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Deskside Chat With Dr Spence

Deskside Chat with Dr.

Spence We are all coming to terms with the news from Governor Ralph Northam that all Virginia school divisions will remain closed for the remainder of this academic year.

Understandably, this news leaves students, staff and families with a lot of questions that need answers.

21/03/2020 Dr.

Spence will be pushing out a video like this every Tuesday and Thursday so that we can all keep in contact despite our students not being physically in school.

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Spence : July 9, 2020.

English (US) Espaol; Franais (France) (), In today’s Deskside Chat , Dr.

Spence discusses the possible scenarios for returning to school in the fall, summer school hours and return-to-participation for sports! #WeAreVBSchools.

27/04/2020 Deskside Chat with Dr.

Spence : April 21, 2020 Emergency Learning Plan In response to Governor Northam#s executive orders prompting the closure of all Virginia K-12 schools for the remainder of the school year, and with guidance from the Virginia Department of Education, the departments of Teaching and Learning and School Leadership have.

In the latest Deskside Chat , Dr.

Spence reminds everyone to wear blue tomorrow to remember the victims of 5/31, shares an update about summer school and.

deskside chat with dr spence