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Deskscapes Vs Wallpaper Engine

09/02/2017 Until now I’ve been using Stardock Deskscapes to maintain the video wallpaper effect I loved back in Vista.

Pretty much the only good idea in that OS.

But over the years Stardock has shown a total lack of support for their software.

Minor patches to make it work on a new OS and thats all.

Their insistance on a propriatary.

dram format all but kills the ability to make your own.

03/12/2016 The video performance of Wallpaper Engine should be the same as Windows Media Player, so you could try that for comparison ( with h.

264 codec and no codec packs).

You need some kind of graphics hardware (integrated or dedicated) that supports hardware video decoding, otherwise you will get high CPU usage from videos.

Deskscapes price is more expensive unless you fish for a discount after a trial.

It does, however, work with Fences which is a commonly used program for further desktop customization.

As of the last version I tried, Fences with transparency will properly animate with Deskscapes , but NOT with Wallpaper Engine (or other free alternatives).

DeskScapes Key will let you move the desktop background.

So, the desktop wallpaper will change automatically over time.

DeskScapes Free Torrent.

Cool wallpapers serve as art beautifying the background of any computer screen, and computer owners all have collections of beautiful wallpapers that come with their systems.


Dream format, which DeskScapes uses, has been specially designed to contain content used to animate wallpaper.

You can also apply any dream as your PC screensaver! Easily customize and create your own backgrounds.

DeskScapes includes over 60 special effects plus colorization options to make any image or video into a fantastic, custom.

10/03/2017 Wallpaper Engine is an early access application on Steam that enables you to create, display, and share customer static and animated wallpapers.

I stumbled upon Wallpaper Engine while browsing the top sellers on Steam.

DeskScapes is another great Wallpaper Engine alternative and a way to get your animated wallpapers moving on Windows 10.

The main downside is that after a 30-day trial it costs $8 which is twice the price of Wallpaper Engine.

It has a collection of backgrounds to choose from but it#s not as extensive as the Steam Workshop on Wallpaper Engine.

16/12/2016 I already owned deskscapes and was wondering why i should buy this but i am glad i did so many more options in this software not just videos also interactive wallpapers (react to sound or follow your mouse etc etc.

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Date Posted: Dec 16.

To # Wallpaper Engine #, this page is where you will be to wallpaper engine software for FREE.

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Wallpaper Engine is the ultimate software to add live wallpapers to your computer! From videos to real time graphics and interactive or audio responsive wallpapers , Wallpaper Engine brings your desktop alive while taking care to not reduce the performance of games or maximized applications.

deskscapes vs wallpaper engine