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Depantsing Meaning

Depantsing definition , to remove the trousers from, as a joke or punishment.

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depantsing definition : Verb 1.

Present participle of depants.

What does pantsing mean ?

pantsing is defined by the lexicographers at Oxford Dictionaries as The action of pulling down or removing a person’s trousers (and #, the act of severely embarassing, humiliating another.

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depantsed definition : Verb 1.

simple past tense and past participle of depants.

depants definition : Verb 1.

(scanning err) Common misspelling of departs.

Verb (third-person singular simple present depantses, present participle depantsing , simple past and past participle depantsed) 2.

(slang) to remove the trousers from someone,.

To yank someone else’s pants down.

Usually done in a humorous fashion.

Also reffered to as pantsed.

Having one’s pants pulled down.

I was walking through the halls in school, and out of nowhere, this guys comes behind me and yanks my yoga pants down, exposing my pink Hello Kitty panties with white frilly trimming to everyone in the hall.

I was so embarrasses that I had unknowingly began to pee.

Depantsing has always been common among boys, but in recent years, more and more girls are involved.

Some girls get depantsed either by boys or by girls, and often girls are active in depantsing others, both boys and girls.

This seems to be the most common in junior high and in depantsing meaning