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Delta V Jump Boots

Delta V Jump-Boots , otherwise known as thrust boots, are a required component of the Praetor Suit.

They will be acquired during the campaign as a set objective in the level Argent Energy Tower, and so are impossible to miss.

They are not boots in the traditional sense, rather seen as frames with jets placed strategically to mount onto the Praetor Suit’s boots.

23/09/2017 The Delta V jump-boots are a UAC-engineered device in Doom (2016) which can be acquired by the marine and used along with his Praetor suit.

These boots enable a second thruster-based mid-air jump to be performed, greatly increasing the marine’s maximum jumping distance and height.

The boots are acquired near the entrance to the Argent Energy Tower, and are necessary for further #, 16/05/2016 Let the platforming begin! Facebook: https://www.


com/VolxLP Twitter: https://twitter.

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Delta V Jump-Boots Delta V Jump-Boots – Entry 001.

First developed on the Phobos outpost to facilitate Extremely Fast Navigation (EFN) through micro-gravity, Delta V Jump-Boots #, 24/05/2016 Once you have the Jump boots you can go back to a previous mission on the same save and replay it.

You get the Boots early in the Argent Tower level.

It’s the 5th map.


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