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Definition Standsicherheitsnachweis

Supervision of construction of support structures as per 63, sec.

1, nos.

1 and 2 for conformance with the structural stability analysis, coordination of trade contractors involved in construction supervision, time scheduling and schedule control, keeping a site log, joint quantity survey with trade contractors, acceptance inspection of works, notification of defects, invoice checking, cost.

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Cross-laminated timber (CLT) by Stora Enso is a massive wood construction product consisting of at least three single-layer panels that are bonded together.

Whether in stunning structures like wooden high-rises and floating staircases or more everyday applications, CLT offers strength and stability, rapid assembly, cost effectiveness and excellent sustainability credentials.

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By definition , the optimal distribution is also the geometry that has the largest possible stiffness for the given loads.

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9 Standsicherheitsnachweis.





With STACOM Stabil, a verification of biaxial stability can be carried out [.

] in accordance with Eurocode 3 with a free choice [.

] of support case and load rating for all MSH sections of cross section classes 1 and 2.

definition standsicherheitsnachweis