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DDT Electronic Drum, Niederstotzingen.


AXIS Sound Equipment ddt E-Drum Excalibur, ddt presents Electronic Drum Triggers 22′ Truss A-E Drum Trigger.

If you are on the lookout for electronic drums or drums and percussion in general, then this may be a fitting choice.

Make sure to check out the reviews but first of all press the red button below to see if it fits your music taste.

Mesh-Head ddt 18″ Bass Drum! 32,95; Mesh-Head ddt 12″ 16,95; Mesh-Head ddt 16″ 27,95; Mesh-Head ddt ORS Mesh Head Standard Set 133,-Mesh-Head ddt 26″ Bass Drum 49,95; Mesh-Head ddt OSS Studio 112,-Mesh-Head ddt 10″ 14,95; Mesh-Head ddt 24″ Bass Drum Mesh Head 31,95; Mesh-Head ddt 20″ Bass Drum 36,95; Trigger ddt DDT.

ddt In-Shell Trigger Kick Drum.


Trigger For Bass Drum.

Trigger for fixed mounting within the drum shell.

Screw spacing: 5 cm.



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29/08/2018 A recent offering from Germany#s ddt ups the ante in the e-snare stakes and Allan Leibowitz tried it out with some current modules.

The snare is probably the most important drum and it makes sense that e-drum manufacturers pay particular attention to this instrument in their product lines.

19/02/2012 ddt Akustik E-Drum.

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19/04/2018 Drum-tec, R-Drums, DDT Drums and Wronkadrums made very good e-drum gear.

This makes me hope that GEWA Workstation might be at the same level of quality.

The set includes Hi-hat Stand, Snare Stand and Kick Pedal with an Integrated Noise Isolation System.

The Drum Dial Drum Trigger Electronic Alternative is a sensitive pick-up that, once attached to a drum head, can send the beat signal to a sound module for electronic processing.

This could be as simple as adjusting the volume electronically or as complicated as triggering a synthesized patch of sounds in a pre-determined order.

ddt e drums