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Db Tablespace Quota

20/09/2017 When I tried to check the TBS quota for each user in the database using the below view it gave info about only the SYSMAN user SQL> select TABLESPACE_NAME,USERNAME,MAX_BYTES,MAX_BLOCKS from DBA_TS_QUOTAS; TABLESPACE_NAME USERNAME MAX_BYTES MAX_BLOCKS, For example, if the database uses database blocks that are 8K in size and you enter a value of 10K in the Quota field, EM Express will round 10K up to 16K (2 blocks) when it changes the quota for the tablespace.

Click OK to save the new quota assignment.

A confirmation message appears.


DBA_TS_QUOTAS describes tablespace quotas for all users.

Related View.

USER_TS_QUOTAS describes tablespace quotas for the current user.

This view does not display the USERNAME column.

Tablespace Quota : – A tablespace is a logical storage unit within an Oracle database because it is not visible in the file system of the machine, the database resides on.

– The Tablespace quotas are used to assign users with limited size on tablespaces.

– Each user can be assigned a tablespace quota for any tablespace (except a temporary.

13/04/2002 1) Why DBA_TS_QUOTAS shows quotas for all of the users in database ?

2) what is the default value of quota for a user on default tablespace?


sql> create user test identified by test, This script reports the tablespace quota allocated for each database user and the amount of tablespace consumed by that user.

TABLESPACE QUOTA DETAILS OF ALL THE USERS: [crayon-5efe1bb67df54658712251/] TABLESPAE QUOTA DETAILS FOR A PARTICULAR USER: [crayon-5efe1bb67df60381917558/] OUTPUT: [crayon-5efe1bb67df63463659635/], 03/02/2011 Re: query to find tablespace quota jazz81 Feb 3, 2011 11:42 AM ( in response to 793965 ) select tablespace_name, username, bytes, max_bytes from dba_ts_quotas; BYTES – Number of bytes charged to the user MAX_BYTES – User’s quota in bytes, or #, If you skip this clause, the user#s objects will be stored in the database default tablespace if available, typically it is USERS tablespace; or the SYSTEM tablespace in case there is no database default tablespace.


Specify the maximum of space in the tablespace that the user can use.

You can have multiple QUOTA clauses, each for a.

Upgrade database from 12.



2 to 12.



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