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Db Cooper Robert Rackstraw

10/07/2019 DB Cooper suspect Robert Rackstraw dies at age 75: Army pilot passes away from natural causes, a year after cold case sleuths identified him #, Rackstraw even confided to family members that he was DB Cooper , claims Colbert.

FBI agents told reporters in 1971 that they suspected Cooper died making his daredevil parachute jump into a wind chill of minus 57 degrees, only to land in wild snow-covered woods while wearing loafers and a trench coat.

11/07/2019 Robert Rackstraw , who was featured in a 2016 History Channel documentary about the notorious criminal, was pronounced dead at home in the early hours of July 9, #, The man that some believe to be an infamous unidentified hijacking suspect, D.


Cooper , has died.

Robert Rastrack passed away from natural causes at his #, 17/09/2019 Robert Rackstraw (left), a military vet with a murky past riddled by fraud and con-artistry, died last month and is believed to be legendary 1971 skyjacker DB Cooper (composite seen right), 10/07/2019 Robert Rackstraw loved adventure.

He also embraced danger and confrontation.

For a time, the FBI suspected him of being the legendary skyjacker known as D.



10/08/2017 Is Robert Rackstraw D.


Cooper ?

That#s what people are wondering, after reading the latest Robert Rackstraw -Fox News story.

The case was closed in July 2016, but there was potential physical evidence conducted in a search and now there are #, Disappearance of Cheryl Grimmer, Disappearance of Madelein#, Disappearance of Robin Graham, Disappearance of Frederick #, Isabella Stewart Gardner

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